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Sylvannah Baptist Church
Prayer Requests

Prayer is our enterance into God's presence by His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus told His disciples to ask in His Name.

Prayer for the Nation:
Father in the Name of Jesus, we come to you to ask Your blessings and Your mercies on our nation, state, and community. We especially need your guidance in these perilous times. Help us to be faithful followers of Your Son, good citizens, and honorable parents, teachers, and students. We ask all of this in Jesus' Name. Amen.

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Name Subject Date Actions
Angela H Prayer for salvation and protection Feb 24, 2019 View Request
keijo Help! Dec 5, 2018 View Request
Edmund Krzeminski Please pray Sep 22, 2018 View Request
DUSE HEALING Aug 10, 2018 View Request
Donna Prayer to save my home Jun 19, 2018 View Request
Phil Chavez Prayer Request Apr 2, 2018 View Request
John Mustanser Urgent prayer for my debt. Mar 22, 2018 View Request
JONGHYUK LEE Concentration camps of North Korea Nov 13, 2017 View Request
Phil Chavez loneliness Oct 21, 2017 View Request
JONGHYUK LEE North Korea prison camp Aug 29, 2017 View Request
Sheana Arrington Prayer to be back in my home Jul 24, 2017 View Request
D Homeless Friend Jul 2, 2017 View Request
Phil Chavez Bless Phil Chavez Jun 28, 2017 View Request
Brian Sperling Housing Apr 8, 2017 View Request
Sylvannah's Mom Sanctification Nov 6, 2016 View Request
Dennis Woodard A Sample Prayer Request Jul 10, 2006 View Request
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