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Sylvannah Baptist Church Sylvannah Baptist Church

Photo Gallery: Current and Former Pastors Photo Gallery: Current and Former Pastors

Current and Former Pastors
D. A. Woodard, Current Pastor, 1979 to present

Our 10th Pastor

Viewed 174 times
L. M. Bray, 1947-1978

Our 9th Pastor

Viewed 715 times
C. A. Chick, 1945-1946

Our 8th Pastor

Viewed 656 times
H. J. Ellis, 1929-1943

Our 7th Pastor

Viewed 648 times
W. H. Carey, 1926-1928

Our 6th Pastor

Viewed 627 times
C. H. Coleman, 1908-1925

Our 5th Pastor

Viewed 627 times
D. W. Duvall, 1905-1907

Our 4th Pastor

Viewed 682 times
E. C. Thompson, 1901-1904

Our 3rd Pastor

Viewed 599 times
J. Minor, 1893-1900

Our 2nd Pastor

Viewed 670 times
W. Howard, Mid 1870s-1892

Our 1st Pastor
(No Picture Available)

Viewed 639 times