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Sylvannah Baptist Church Sylvannah Baptist Church

Photo Gallery: Family Heritage Day 2019 Photo Gallery: Family Heritage Day 2019

Family Heritage Day 2019
Devotional Time
Viewed 450 times
Choir Director - Michelle
Viewed 428 times
Youth & Young Adults Sing
Viewed 423 times
Praise the Lord!
Viewed 434 times
Pastor Woodard
Viewed 429 times
During Offering
Viewed 433 times
Offering time
Viewed 439 times
First Lady & Church Family
Viewed 430 times
After Service
Viewed 458 times
Fellowshipping Together
Viewed 437 times
Fun After Service
Viewed 442 times
Serving Up a Big Meal
Viewed 469 times
Service with a Smile
Viewed 448 times
Meal and Fellowship
Viewed 429 times
Mealtime Fun
Viewed 459 times
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